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Investor FAQ

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Investor Faq

1. Can I purchase additional shares without using a broker?

Yes, the transfer agent can purchase shares on behalf of stockholders directly through an optional cash purchase feature within the Computershare Plan. Please refer to the plan brochure for additional details. The plan brochure and enrollment materials can be found on Computershare Investor Services website at or by calling Computershare Investor Services at 800-697-8592.

2. I didn't receive any stock certificates for my Hanebrands stock. Where are my shares?

Hanesbrands is utilizing the Direct Registration System ("DRS") which creates a much safer “certificateless” environment for stockholders. Through DRS, your shares are registered electronically on the records of the corporation in an account maintained by Computershare Investor Services, Hanesbrands' transfer agent. These shares can be sold, transferred to another individual, or transferred to your broker in this form.

3. Can I get a paper stock certificate?

No. Hanesbrands will NOT issue paper certificates, even if requested. You will receive periodic DRS statements from Computershare Investor Services reflecting the number of shares that you own and any activity in your account.

4. What is the Direct Registration System?

The Direct Registration System, or DRS, is a system that allows your shares in Hanesbrands Inc. to be held in your name in a "book-entry" account and tracked electronically, without having a physical certificate issued. You retain full ownership of your shares, and you have all the traditional rights and privileges as holders of shares held in certificate form have. You have been assigned an account number and will continue to receive statements that detail your account activity and your share balance. Computershare Investor Services is the transfer agent responsible for maintaining your shares on Hanesbrands' books.

5. Is book-entry safe?

Book-entry is the security industry's preferred method of security ownership and is used for all U.S. Treasury bills, bonds, notes, U.S. Government Agency securities, and mutual funds. DRS allows you to provide trading instructions in a quick and efficient manner, and lets you avoid the risk of holding a stock certificate that might be lost, stolen, or destroyed. The process to replace a lost stock certificate may require you to purchase a surety bond and complete an affidavit, which can be costly and time-consuming.

6. Can I access my stockholder account via the Internet?

Yes. To access your DRS account online, go to and follow the online registration process. If you have trouble accessing your account online, contact Computershare Investor Services at 800-697-8592.

7. What if I want to sell my book-entry shares or transfer shares to or from my broker?

You may request a sale of your shares at any time by contacting Computershare Investor Services via the Internet (after registering) at, by telephone at 800-697-8592, or in writing at the address shown on the Investor Contacts and Information page.

Your book-entry shares can be moved to or from your brokerage account electronically through the DRS Profile System. You will need to provide your broker with information from the back of your statement to complete the transfer. Please contact your broker for more information.

8. Who is the transfer agent for your common stock?

Computershare Investor Services.

9. Whom should I contact with questions about the company or my account?

Please see the Investor Contacts and Information page for contact details for Hanesbrands and for Computershare Investor Services.

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